Pay Administrative Tow Fee


The administrative tow fee is a fee the Village of Pingree Grove Police Department is allowed by State statute (625 ILCS 5/11-208.7) to charge for any vehicle that is towed due to certain criminal offenses. This fee is for the administrative and processing costs associated with the investigation, arrest, and detention of an offender or the removal, impoundment, storage, and release of an impounded vehicle. See the Village of Pingree Grove ordinance here.

All administrative fees shall be imposed on the registered owner of the motor vehicle or the agents of that owner regardless of who was operating the vehicle when it was impounded. The fee for the Village of Pingree Grove is $500.00. Any towing and/or storage charges from the towing agency will be the responsibility of the registered owner in addition to the village administrative tow fee.


Please note that paying the administrative tow fee does not guarantee the release of a vehicle. Other holds such as a law-mandated 12 hour DUI hold or an insurance hold may still apply. The insurance hold will be lifted when valid proof of insurance is provided. The registered owner of the vehicle must still come to the police department to obtain the towed vehicle release receipt to take to the tow agency.

Paying the Fee

The tow fee can be paid at the Pingree Grove Police Department with cash or on E-Pay can be found on the E-Pay page