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  1. water-faucet
  2. Municipal Center, 555 Reinking Road, Pingree Grove
  3. giant mosquito
  4. Flag display at Centennial Park
  5. Mosquito Fogging Truck 1
  6. caution_alert
  7. Badge
  8. ComEd
  9. Severe Weather and Outdoor Warning Sirens
  10. water-hydrant
  11. covid-19-1330px
  12. Pool plat
  13. Gazebo
  14. VPGLogobrownAPlacetoGrow_resized
  15. Pool plat
  16. Flag display at Centennial Park
  17. See A Truck
  18. GFOA
  19. COVID Garbage
  20. Badge
  21. RJB
  22. Playgrounds are closed
  23. covid-19-1330px
  24. covid-19-1330px
  25. Check on your Neighbors
  26. covid-19-1330px
  27. Volunteers needed
  28. Striped Pattern
  29. Badge
  30. Census
  31. CDC Handwashing
  32. Sunset in Pingree Grove
  33. lift station
  34. Coronavirus Safety
  35. Badge
  36. Pingree Grove Storytime FB
  37. All VoPG will be Friday Waste Pick Up

    Flood Brothers Changing to Consolidated Waste Collection Day

    All residents will have consolidated Friday collection beginning 1-4-2020* Read on...
  38. Dead End Sign
  39. Dollar Photo 110719
  40. Auto Pay--No Late Fees
  41. Road Construction
  42. Underwood Office Hours
  43. Free yard waste pickup!!
  44. Census form
  45. DeWitte Town Hall 9.17.19
  46. Trailer, for sale or rent
  47. Mailbox Repost
  48. GIS Data Collection
  49. Re-purposed Former Police Vehicle
  50. Peterbilt Truck
  51. Wastewater Treatment Plant
  52. Wetland Photo
  53. Mailbox Post Below Ground
  54. Independence Day 2019 Flyer
  55. Park Repair and Slide Replacement
  56. Front view of Municipal Center, 555 Reinking Road
  57. New Plantings at Municipal Center
  58. Flag display at Centennial Park

    We Need Your Help (and Photos)!

    Join us in celebrating Pingree Grove, and share your Pingree Pictures and Pingree Pride! Read on...
  59. Newly Rehabilitated Snow Plow Truck

    Look at our New (Old) Truck!

    From the photos, it may look as though Truck 282 is a brand new snowplow. While it may be hard to believe, this truck is now over 10 years old. Click through to read more about our fleet rehab.
  60. Reinking Rte 20 Roundabout Newsflash

    Village to Host Public Informational Meeting

    *Updated- Documents presented to attendees available for viewing/download now. The Village of Pingree Grove and City of Elgin have scheduled a public informational meeting for improvements to the intersection at US Rt 20 and Reinking Rd. Read on...
  61. toilet

    "Flushable" Wipes Don't Go Very Far - They clog the system and cost time and money!

    Just because they say "flushable" doesn't mean they should be flushed down the toilet. Flushable wipes don't get very far past your house before they clog pumps and cost the Village time and money in unnecessary maintenance and repairs. Read on...
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