Animal Control

Police Department Services

The Village does not provide animal control services on private property. The Pingree Grove Police Department provides the following services to residents:
  • Investigation of animal cruelty or neglect complaints.
  • Investigation of dangerous dogs.
  • Investigation of animal bite reports.
  • Investigation of public nuisance calls relating to animals.
  • Transport stray domestic animals found within the village limits to the departments' authorized animal hospital/shelter.
Deceased Animals
Complaints of deceased animals on public property during normal business hours should be referred to the Pingree Grove Public Works Department (847) 464-5533. After hours deceased animals requiring immediate removal will be removed by police department members and properly disposed of. 

Injured Animals
When any injured domesticated animal is brought to the attention of this department, all reasonable attempts shall be made to contact the owner of responsible handler. When the owner or responsible handler cannot be located and the animal is not an immediate danger to the community, it shall be taken directly to a licensed veterinarian for necessary medical services. 

Contact us

Direct your questions or obtain assistance with animal control to the Pingree Grove Police Department 911 or 630-232-8400 or Kane County Animal Control at 630-232-3555.

License & Limit

Pet Licenses are no longer required. However, the number of dogs and cats that a person may keep on his property in the village is limited to a maximum of no more than 3 dogs and no more than 3 cats. For more information, see Village Code 6-3-6.

Vaccination Ordinance

Dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated against rabies by both Kane County and Pingree Grove Ordinances.


The Village does not provide animal control services on private property. If wildlife enters your home, call 911 for assistance. The Village does not pick up wild animals from your residence unless it is deemed an immediate threat, unless the animal is attacking or threatening to attack someone. If the animal is not deemed a threat, it is classified a nuisance animal complaint. The homeowner will need to contact a licensed wildlife individual to remove the animal. The nearest wildlife center is Fox Valley Wildlife. 

Fox Valley Wildlife Center - Contact Us

If wildlife, such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, etc., is a nuisance outside of your home, contact a licensed wildlife removal agency for animal removal.Click here for more information.