Fingerprinting Request


Fingerprinting Information

The Pingree Grove Police Department provides fingerprinting services for a variety of reasons. We do not provide fingerprinting services for immigration purposes or concealed carry permits. No appointment is required, however circumstances may arise that would prohibit our ability to fulfill the request. 

Those who are in need of fingerprints due to a job application not within the Village of Pingree Grove are required to bring in fingerprint cards. 

Northern Kane Education Fingerprinting

If you are requesting to be fingerprinted to be a volunteer, certified or non-certified school employee, please have the required paperwork and a valid identification card (driver's license, state ID card) when you arrive at the police department. Due to the large amount of people who need to be fingerprinted by the Cambridge Lakes Learning Center, a schedule has been approved in order to accommodate the request. 

The Pingree Grove Police Department will make every effort to provided our services during these times. Please understand that the days and times are subjective depending on circumstances which directs us away from our duty to the village.