Administration & Departments

The Village of Pingree Grove operates with professional management in a fashion that is crafted to ensure cost-efficiency and the utilization of best management practices. Village staff is divided into four operational components that all serve at the direction of the Village Board.

The Administration component of the Village is led by the Village Manager. The Manager is appointed by the Village Board and serves as the chief management officer of the Village, on a day-to-day basis. The Manager also provides direct oversight for daily operational issues in all other Village departments. 

The Finance Department conducts the Village’s financial operations in accordance with very specific financial direction and policies established by the Village Board. The Finance Department is led by the Village’s Finance Director, Albert Walczak. 

The Public Works Department conducts the Village’s daily operational duties in operating and maintaining the Village’s water, wastewater and stormwater systems, maintaining Village streets, parks, sidewalks, and open spaces. Public Works also maintains the Village’s various buildings, equipment, and facilities. The Public Works Department is led by Public Works Director Pat Doherty. 

The Police Department provides professional, 24-hour, 7-days per week police protection and public safety services to all Village residents. The Police Department utilizes a complement of full-time and part-time officers to provide that full-time police service. This allows the Police Department to utilize the services of highly experienced officers from a variety of departments, which both help maintain the cost efficiency of police services and also expand the capabilities of our Department. The Police Department is led by Chief of Police Jeffrey Parsons. 

The Village utilizes the contractual services of a full-service professional civil engineering firm to serve as Village Engineers. The Village completed an extensive qualifications-based-selection process in 2018, and at the conclusion of that process, the Village Board unanimously selected Fehr-Graham & Associates to serve as Village Engineers. Fehr Graham combines civil engineering, wastewater, and water utility engineering, street and intersection design, planning, structural engineering, environmental engineering and a host of related services under a single firm, spanning multiple offices in the region and employing roughly 160 employees. 

The Village also utilizes a third party vendor to manage the Village's Building related needs, including building permits, plan review and inspections services.

Department Head




Village Manager

(847) 464-5533 x1501

Village Clerk

Laura Ortega

(847) 464-5533 x1507

Finance Director

Albert Walczak

(847) 464-5533 x1504

Public Works Director

Pat Doherty

(847) 464-5533 x1502

Chief of Police

Jeffrey Parsons

(847) 464-5533 x1401