Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is led by Pat Doherty, who is a licensed water and sewer operator. Pat's background in architecture, construction, and years of service as a licensed electrician to the Village’s Public Works operations, combines his academic expertise and practical, hands-on services to benefit our residents. 

The Public Works Department provides a full range of municipal services. They maintain the Village’s parks and open spaces, including ensuring that Village parks meet playground safety standards for the benefit of our children and residents. They maintain Village streets and provide snow removal and deicing services that keep our neighborhoods open and accessible in the winter. They provide full maintenance and cleaning services for all Village facilities, and provide a number of maintenance and repair services for Village owned equipment. They maintain our sidewalks, and maintain our parkway trees in accordance with the Village’s Tree City USA designation.

The Public Works Department also employs a number of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) licensed water plant operators, who are responsible for operating the Village’s one million gallon per day capacity potable water system. The Village’s water system consists of two wells, a water treatment plant, and an elevated 1,000,000 gallon water storage tank, along with a distribution network of water mains and hydrants. The system is used to provide potable water to Village residents and businesses for their domestic use, as well as to support fire suppression activities. The Village publicizes an annual IEPA water quality report for the previous year. Review the IEPA Source Water Factsheet, Click Here.

In addition, the Public Works Department utilizes staff licensed as wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators to run the Village’s WWTP, lift stations, and collection infrastructure. The Village uses a unique WWTP system that is able to both discharge treated effluent through the Village’s irrigation infrastructure and also able to discharge into local waterways. The irrigation system helps maintain the Village’s landscaped areas as attractive and high quality, without using potable water for irrigation, in an environmentally-sensitive fashion.

All Public Works operations are coordinated out of the Village’s Municipal Center, which includes roughly 17,000 square feet of heated indoor space for equipment storage and maintenance. The Municipal Center is on the Municipal Campus, shared with the water plant, WWTP and Police Station. The Public Works Department utilizes a fleet comprised of new and used vehicles, as well as vehicles transferred from front line Police Department service, and vehicles acquired for free through military surplus programs.

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