Water & Wastewater Supply Services

The Village of Pingree Grove supplies the community with potable water pumped from existing wells and softened through an ion exchange system. The Waste Water Treatment Plant treats waste water and supplies irrigation water for parkways and landscaping.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrants are flushed twice a year to remove accumulated debris and to improve water quality. Residents are informed via the website and signs are posted on all main roads entering the community. You are encouraged not to do laundry during this time due to inconsistent water pressure and the possibility of rust in the water.

Spray Irrigation

The Village maintains a non-potable spray irrigation system that is currently used to water over 135 acres of parks, open spaces throughout the Village including the Cambridge Lakes Recreation Center, berms along collector roads and the Carillon golf course and recreation center. The system has over 12 miles of service mains and 6,735 individual irrigation spray heads. Control of the system is fully automated based on temperature, wind, water timing, and time of day. The Village winterizes the system annually. In 2017, while the system was in operation,The Village averaged over 245,000 gallons of sprayed, reclaimed water per day.