The Village requires building permits for most types of construction. The Village follows the 2003 International Building Code regulations. Please review the Village Code as it pertains to building permits or call the Building Department at 847-464-5533, ext. 1512 for further information

Building Department Application and Permit (PDF)

When using a Contractor for your home project, take the time to plan your project and to know your rights. Information available from the Illinois Attorney General's Office:  Home Repair and Construction: Know Your Rights (PDF).


During the permit application review process, the Building Director will assess the fees relating to specific building Permits.

View a list of permit rates for Pingree Grove (PDF).

Some applications will also be assessed a plan review fee.
  1. Fences
  2. Sheds
  3. Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
  4. Patio & Servicewalk
  5. Basement Buildout / Remodel


For general information regarding fences, view the Fencing FAQ (PDF).

Cambridge Lakes & Carillon Homeowners

If you live in Cambridge Lakes or Carillon at Cambridge Lakes, in order to make home improvements or additions you must obtain a letter of approval from Cambridge Lakes or Carillon Homeowners Association (HOA) before applying for a Village Building permit.  Download the application form (PDF).