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Posted on: May 5, 2020

All About Swimming Pools

Pool plat

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately regarding swimming pools in the Village.

Pool plat

First, the Village does not control the swimming pools at community centers in the Village; those are owned and operated by the respective homeowners associations (HOAs).  Questions regarding the opening or operation of HOA pools should be directed to the HOAs.  We do not presently have updated information on if / when the HOA pools will open.

Second, with uncertainty about the HOA pools, some residents are considering installing their own swimming pools this year.  That’s great!  The Village Planning and Zoning Commission and Village Board studied swimming pools in-depth (pardon the pun) several years ago, and developed a comprehensive set of regulations, based on health, safety and aesthetic concerns.

Temporary swimming pools (pools that do not require any structure) that are no more than sixteen inches in height and no greater than eight feet in diameter can be installed without any permit, and can be kept up for 2 days at a time.  These are the typical small plastic or rubber wading / soaking pools at many stores.

Pools that are larger than those thresholds or which are kept in place for longer periods of time do require Village building permits.  We have a FAQ section on the Village’s website, available here, describing the basic standards.  The standards are codified in the Village’s Zoning Ordinance, at Section 11-5-6, which is available at this link.  Here are a few common questions, and responses:

I am thinking of buying an inflatable pool that is 15-feet in diameter and two-feet deep.  Am I required to get any permits?

Yes, because the pool is larger than 8-feet in diameter and deeper than 16-inches, permits are required.

Where can I install a pool on my lot?

Your lot survey will show building lines and setback lines.  Typically, a pool is required to be installed within the building setback lines.  Pools cannot be installed on any easements, and cannot be installed within five feet (horizontally) of your power service to your home.  As some power services are not run along the lot lines, you should verify the location of your power service before planning your pool installation.

Am I required to screen or fence the pool?

Yes, there are screening and fencing requirements.  See the FAQ for more details!

Are any other approvals required?

Depending on where you live, approval from your HOA may be required.  Areas that have HOAs typically have a review and approval process from the HOA.

Can I install an in-ground pool?

The Village allows both above-ground and in-ground pools.

My lot is irregularly shaped, and I cannot fit a pool within the building setback lines.  What can I do?

Contact the Village, and we can help you evaluate other options for your unique situation.

I have other questions that I would like to discuss.  What can I do?

Contact the Village, and we’re happy to talk with you.  You can email us here, or call us at 847/464-5533.

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