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Posted on: June 14, 2019

Look at our New (Old) Truck!

Newly Rehabilitated Snow Plow Truck

From the photos, it may look as though Truck 282 is a brand new snowplow. While it may be hard to believe, this truck is now over 10 years old. Purchased new by the Village in 2008, the Village has operated this truck for the past 11 winters as one of our primary snowplowing and deicing trucks, and has used it year-round for Public Works services. Many public works departments replace their front line snowplows every 10 years (or more frequently). However, with the cost of a truck like this reaching between $130,000-150,000, the Village strives to take exceptional care of its vehicles. For example, after snowplowing and deicing activities, the truck is carefully cleaned. This not only helps with appearances, but also keeps rust from developing—a significant concern given the usage of this truck to plow snow and apply road salt.

Newly Rehabilitated Snow Plow Truck

This past year, rather than replacing the truck, the Village invested in refurbishing the truck—painting it to maintain a rust-free exterior that is easier to maintain in good condition, replacing key hydraulic components, replacing the engine’s oil pan and completing other repairs ranging from minor to significant. This roughly $18,000 investment in the truck’s maintenance will extend its life years into the future. The Village has a second truck of similar age which is also undergoing a rehabilitation, ensuring that it will be returned to service long before snow falls in 2019.

Pingree Grove Logo on Snowplow Truck

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