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Posted on: June 1, 2019

Mosquito Prevention - and what you can do to protect yourself from mosquitoes


The Village of Pingree Grove has funds budgeted for a limited number of mosquito abatement sprayings this year.  Due to the potential for a "super brood" of mosquitoes invading our community last summer, the Village Board authorized the purchase of a fogging machine to administer more frequent sprayings than otherwise would have been possible through a contractor.  In addition to spraying for  mosquitoes, the Village has installed larvacide in areas that require it and will continue to do so in bodies of water throughout the village as needed. The larvacide can last up to 120 days. The Village has also utilized the services of Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management to count mosquitoes in our area and perform a ground hatch pretreatment in wetland areas within the Village.

What you can do to protection yourself

  • Reduce standing water on your property -  Given the amount of rain we have had, this seems like a silly request, however mosquitoes can develop in standing water that lasts more than 7 - 10 days. So turn over containers that could collect water, and change birdbath and wading pool water frequently.
  • Reduce your personal risk of being bitten by mosquitoes - Wear socks, shoes, long pants and sleeves when outside during times when mosquitoes are most active; use insect repellent; fogging your own back yard (similar to the Village fogging along public streets) can be somewhat effective for short periods of time.

Other helpful information can be found at the Illinois Dept of Public Health, and Kane County Health Dept. websites.

For More Info on Mosquito Prevention
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