Change in Service Request

The Village requests a minimum of 48-hours notice to set up new water/sewer utility service account, or discontinue existing service account. To establish new - move in - water service or discontinue service - move out - please e-mail customer service at or call 847-464-5533 (ext. 1511), and provide the following information:

Establish New Service 

  1. Indicate if Property Owner or Renter
  2. Customer Name(s) 
  3. Service Address
  4. Billing Address if Differs from Service Address
  5. Effective Date of Service
    • if new owner - provide purchase closing date
    • if new renter - provide date lease agreement begins
  6.  Telephone number
  7.  Valid E-mail Address
  8.  Date of Birth
  9.  Valid Driver's License or State ID Number and Indicate State Where Issued

Discontinue Service

  1.  Indicate if Property Owner or Renter
  2.  Customer Name 
  3.  Current Service Address
  4.  Effective Date to Discontinue Service
    • If existing owner - date of sale, and if available name of new owners
    • If existing renter - move out date with notice from landlord confirming end-of-lease/move out
  5. Forwarding Address for Final Water Billing