Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed
The Village of Pingree Grove is responding to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by offering support to our at-risk populations.  We have a significant population in the community who are at a greater risk of illness posed by this pandemic, but who still need household supplies, groceries, medication and more.

The Village is actively seeking help from our residents, who wish to volunteer and offer services.  We are looking for volunteers for help as follows:

Pingree's Angels:  We are looking for residents who are willing to volunteer to support other community members by volunteering some driving services.  In particular, we have residents who need assistance picking up food, groceries, household supplies, medication or other items, and who are unable to do so because they are at a greater risk of illness from COVID-19.  Volunteers must be: 1) in good health (as we do not wish to spread any illness); 2) be available to make pickups from stores in the area, and willing to drop off supplies at residents' homes in Pingree Grove; 3) over the age of 18; and, 4) able to provide their own transportation.  To be clear, this is purely voluntary, and there is no compensation or reimbursement being offered.  

We will pair volunteers with community members that are in need, and you can make direct arrangements to provide support.  Our recommendation is that the community member in need make a direct order from a store or restaurant, pay directly for the items that they need and arrange for pickup.  The volunteer can then make the pickup, without having to have any exchange of payment involving the volunteer.  

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Village at info@pingreegrove.org with the subject line "Volunteer".  Please provide your name, address and the best telephone number to reach you at.  Please note that by sharing this information, you are consenting to the Village sharing the information with other residents who may need your help.  Once you contact us, we will make arrangements to have you send in a photo of your driver's license so that we can verify you have a valid license, and do not have any outstanding issues that would prevent you from helping.  Do not send your license photo in your initial email.  We will contact you to obtain it.  Please be aware that when you do send in your driver's license photo, we will be running a basic background check. 

Residents in Need:  If you need assistance, please contact the Village at info@pingreegrove.org with the subject line Assistance.  Please let us know what you need help with and we will try to connect you with someone who can assist.  If you live in Carillon, you can also contact the Carillon HOA at 847/464-0957.

Please understand that we do not have the means to facilitate payment through the Village.  If a Resident in Need makes arrangements with a Volunteer to make a pickup that cannot be prepaid, that will need to be coordinated directly.  Our recommendation is that residents make use of services that allow for prepaid pickup.

For any questions, you can contact the Village at the email addresses listed above, or 847/464-5533.