Commercial Utility Permits (Excavation or Aerial)

Pursuant to Village Code 8-1A-2, it is unlawful to tunnel under or make any excavation in any street, alley or other public place in the village or without having obtained a permit.  Further, under Village Code 8-1E-3, damage to any right of way improvement is prohibited.  As such, the Village requires obtaining a utility permit for excavation or aerial work within its right of way.  The Utility Permit Application requires the payment of a $100 fee.

**NEW** Electronic Filing for a Utility Permit is now available

The Village's new Building Department Portal includes the ability to apply for a utility permit online (for aerial or excavation within the Village's right of way.  As this portal is property based, please use the street name "2020 Right of Way Drive", which uses the fictitious Parcel No. 99-99-999-020.  This will be updated yearly.

You may direct questions to the Village Clerk at (847) 464-5533 x1507.