Pay or Mediate a Ticket

Municipal Ordinance Violations and Village Issued Parking Tickets

If you have received a parking ticket and would like it to be reviewed, please fill out the Parking Mediation Form and email it to or print our our Parking Mediation Form (PDF) and drop it off at the Police Station. Once it has been reviewed, you will be contacted. To pay a local ordinance ticket for parking or other local violations, follow the link below to access our online pay system.

Pay a Ticket Online

Ordinance Ticket - Copy.

State Citations

The Pingree Grove Police Department cannot take payment for a state traffic ticket after it has been issued. State tickets are transmitted to the Kane County Circuit Clerk daily. Citizens can only pay tickets fines or show proof of Insurance at the Elgin Branch Court on the actual court date assigned. Payment can be made at the Clerk’s office in St. Charles -at least ten business days after the ticket was written and three business days before the actual court date. To make an electronic payment to the circuit clerk click here to do so.

State Citation - Copy