Peddlers & Solicitors

In order to engage in the activity of a peddler, solicitor, itinerant merchant, mobile (not a fixed location) food truck vehicle operator or other food vendor (i.e. farmers market merchant), or handbill, a Solicitor License Application must be completed and submitted to the Village Clerk by mail or in person to the Pingree Grove Municipal Center, 555 Reinking Road, Pingree Grove, IL 60140, or emailed to

Please review Municipal Code Title 4-5 regarding Solicitation prior to application.  

Food vendors, including but not limited to food or beverage mobile vending vehicles and farmer’s market food vendors, shall report and pay Sales Taxes to the State and shall additionally remit any required Prepared Food Tax required under Village Code.  All operators shall be required to register to pay the Prepared Foods Tax as a condition of licensure. All food vendors must be properly permitted through the Kane County Health Department. Visit the Kane County Health Department website for more information. Complete the prepared food tax registration and return forms and return with application.

 The Municipal Code Chapter addressing the Prepared Foods Tax can be found at Village Code Title 3-9-2 Tax Imposed.