Block PartIES

Block Party Rules & Regulations

The Village of Pingree Grove Block Party Rules and Regulations of Block Parties.
  • Residents of the Village of Pingree Grove are encouraged to get to know their neighbors through periodic cooperative functions known as Block Parties. A Block Party allows neighbors to use their private properties and Village Streets for a festive neighborhood function.
  • Closing off of streets for block parties will be permitted only on local residential streets and not on main thoroughfares.
    • The Village of Pingree Grove reserves the right to deny approval to close a street for a block party if there are concerns regarding public safety and/or conflict with other community events and activities.
    • You must designate one person over the age of 18 to act as a liaison with the Police Department should any problems arise due to the block party.
    • The sponsor or co-sponsor is responsible. The person’s name, address, and telephone/cell phone number must be supplied to the Pingree Grove Police Department. The phone number given must be manned at all times.
    • The sponsor(s) is responsible for clean up after the block party.
    • All debris must be removed at the end of the block party.
  • A refundable deposit is required at the time of application for barricades to block the street(s). A minimum of 4 barricades are required for most block parties, with a deposit of $95/each.  The barricades will be dropped off and picked up at/from the drop off location as listed in the approved Permit. The deposit will be returned or destroyed upon return of materials in good condition.
    • The sponsor is responsible for putting barricades in place and removing them following the event.
    • Once the barricades are in place, no vehicle traffic is allowed except for emergency vehicles or residents living on the affected segment of the road.
    • The sponsor is responsible for the barricades should they become lost, stolen, or broken.
  • No fire hydrants may be obstructed by block party activities.
  • No structures, including barbecue grills, tents, picnic tables, etc. are allowed in the public right-of-way (streets, sidewalk, and parkway).
  • The roadway itself must be clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Block parties are subject to all Village laws and ordinances regarding the same (see Village Code 8-4 regarding Block Parties).
  • All music and excessive noise must be terminated by 10 p.m.
  • The street must be cleared of all debris and re-opened to the public by 10 p.m.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be served to persons under the age of 21.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be sold at any block party or gathering.
  • Block Party Applications must be filled out and returned to the Municipal Center AT LEAST 14 days prior to the date of the block party.
  • The sponsor(s) is responsible for any costs incurred by the Village for establishing detours, assigning police officers, for traffic direction, clean or repair of public right of way used or damaged by block party gathering. The sponsor(s) shall be required to sign a statement as to such responsibility as part of the permit application.
  • No block party shall be permitted to create or cause a breach of the peace.
  • All block party participants shall comply with any and all state or other regulations regarding events of this nature.

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