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Animal Control

The Village does not provide animal control services on private property. The Pingree Grove Police Department provides the following services to residents:

  • Investigation of animal cruelty or neglect complaints.
  • Investigation of dangerous dogs.
  • Transport stray domestic animals found within the village limits to the departments' authorized animal hospital/shelter.

Direct your questions or obtain assistance with animal control to the Pingree Grove Police Department 9-1-1 (630-232-8400) or Kane County Animal Control at 630-232-3555.

Pet Licenses are no longer required.

However, the number of dogs and cats that a person may keep on his property in the village is limited to a maximum of no more than three (3) dogs and no more than three (3) cats.  For more information, see Village Code 6-3-6.

Vaccination Ordinance
Dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated against rabies by both Kane County and Pingree Grove Ordinances.

The Village does not provide animal control services on private property. If wildlife enters your home, call 911 for assistance.  The Village does not pick up wild animals from your residence unless it is deemed an immediate threat, unless the animal is attacking or threatening to attack someone. If the animal is not deemed a threat, it is classified a nuisance animal complaint. The homeowner will need to contact a licensed wildlife individual to remove the animal.

If wildlife, such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, etc., is a nuisance outside of your home, contact a licensed wildlife removal agency for animal removal.

Kane County Animal Control


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