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Village Department Heads

The Village of Pingree Grove has recently converted from a 'Village Manager' based organization to a Department Head based organization.  The Village now employs four primary department positions:  Police Chief, Finance Director, Public Works Director and Communications Manager.  Each department lead has responsibilities with their respective department, and additional responsiblities as directed by the Village Board.  Each department lead is directly responsible to the Village Board and Village President, with the Board's authority exercised through collective action of the Board. 

These Department Heads are:


    Police Chief, Shawn Beane

    Finance Director, Tom Walter

    Public Works Director, Joe Caveny

    Communications Manager, Dawn Grivetti

    Village Clerk position is currently VACANT



They can all be contacted at:

Pingree Grove Village Hall
14N042 Reinking Road
Pingree Grove, Illinois

847-464-5533 Village Hall

847-464-4600 Police Station

14N042 Reinking Road, Pingree Grove, IL 60140 | Tel: (847) 464-5533 Fax: (847) 464-4036 | | Village Hall is open Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM; CLOSED 12pm - 1pm
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