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Community Events Committee

Community Events Committee

Jackie Pierce, Chairman

The Community Events Committee was established for the purpose of scheduling, planning, organizing, and overseeing community events that are open to the enjoyment of all village residents and the general public.
The committee is composed of five (5) members who are residents of the Village. The members are appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Village Board.

The Community Events Committee has the following duties:

  1. To schedule, plan and organize events that will be open to the enjoyment of all Village residents and the general public
  2. To raise funds through a variety of means to include sponsorship, solicitations of donations, sales and raffles conducted in accordance with Village ordinances
  3. To coordinate the use of Village parks and their amenities

Click here for more information regarding current events in your neighborhood.


To make a donation to the Village of Pingree Grove Events Committee, you can contact the Village's Finance Director at 847-464-5533, ext 14, or send a check to: Village of Pingree Grove Events Committee, 14N042 Reinking Rd, Pingree Grove, IL 60140.



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